Get your pieces fired in our electric kilns!

Partial Kiln Firing Options

Bisque Firing (Cone 04)
Low Fire Glaze Firing (Cone 05)
Mid Range Firing (Cone 6)
High Firing (Cone 10)
(Full Kiln firing to any Temperature below cone 10 is available)


Kiln firings will depend on the volume of pieces available for each firing temperature. To minimize energy waste and maximize our efficiency we will wait to fire each temperature until we have a full kiln load. However, we will fire each temperature at a minimum of the following Schedule:
Bisque Firing (10 Days)
Low Fire Glaze Firing (10 Days)
Mid Range Firing (18 Days)
High Fire (30 Days)
If there is sufficient ware to fill the kiln we will fire more frequently.
You can also rent full kiln loads to rush your order.
Maximum Size 34" x 24" x 23"

Pricing for Individual Pieces

Volume, in cubic inches of each piece. (Each piece is treated as a rectangular prism Length x Width x Height x cost). Discounts available for frequent firings and for teachers.
Minimum Charge for First Piece $2.50
Minimum Charge for each additional piece $0.75
Bisque Firing (cone 04) $0.03 per cubic inch (L x W x H x $0.03)
Low Fire Glaze firing (Cone 05) $0.035 per cubic inch (L x W x H x $0.035)
Mid Range Firing (Cone 6) $0.045 per cubic Inch (L x W x H x $0.045)
High Fire (Cone 10) $0.06 per cubic Inch (L x W x H x $0.06)

Half 12 Cubic Foot Kiln Rental

Half Kiln Cone 05 - $85
Half Kiln Cone 04 - $75
Half Kiln Cone 6 - $90
Half Kiln Cone 10 - $99

Full Kiln Rental

Full 12 Cubic Foot Kiln Less than Cone 04 - $120
Full 12 Cubic Foot Kiln Cone 04 to Cone 6 - $150
Full 12 Cubic Foot Kiln Cone 7+ - $170

Damage to Kiln Shelves

If any of your pieces drip, melt, or otherwise damage kiln shelves you will be charged $19.35 to replace the shelf (you will get to keep the damaged shelf).

Things To keep In Mind

Pieces should be fully dried before being dropped off
No glaze on the bottom of any piece (If there is glaze on the bottom you will end up buying the shelf)
Large solid pieces cannot be efficiently fired. If you want to fire a large solid piece please contact us to discuss it.
Fired pieces must be picked up within 30 days of being fired.